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November 2018 Archives

Restaurants in Illinois can be dangerous places to work

Many people in Peoria have worked in the food service industry at one point in their lives. Whether they were flipping burgers at a fast food joint as a teenager or whether they currently have a career as a chef or server in a restaurant, it is important to recognize that restaurants can be dangerous places to work. If employers in the food service industry do not take appropriate measures to keep their workers safe, it could lead to workplace injuries.

Why might an Illinois workers' compensation claim be denied?

When a person in Peoria is injured on the job, it can be a significant blow physically, mentally and financially. On-the-job injuries can be very serious, leading to extensive medical treatments, emotional trauma and the inability to work to earn an income. For these reasons, Illinois has a workers' compensation system that is meant to provide a financial safety net for those who find themselves injured on the job and unable to work.

Explosion injures one Illinois railroad worker, kills another

Many people ride trains and subways in Illinois every day, but they may not give much thought to those who maintain these transportation systems. Railroad workers perform important duties behind the scenes to ensure that these tracks are in good operating condition. However, railroad work can also be dangerous, as one recent incident shows.

Employers should have plans in place to keep workers safe

Injuries at work can happen for many different reasons. While in some cases employees may make poor choices that cause them to be injured, it is common for workers' injuries to result from the failure of their employers to provide safe working conditions. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration suggests that employers have plans in place that cover worker safety.

How long do I have to file a claim for workers' compensation?

A successful workers' compensation claim can provide an injured worker with the financial support they need to recover from their harm and get themselves ready to return to work. There are many steps that must be followed to prevail in a workers' compensation claim, and this blog has addressed many of the issues that individuals can face when they decide to seek this specific form of benefits. One important issue that workers should be aware of, however, is the statute of limitations that applies to workers' compensation claims.

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