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Workers' compensation benefits can cover a variety of expenses

Workers' compensation benefits are meant to be a financial lifeline for those who are injured on the job and must take an extended leave from work while they recover from their injuries. Being unable to work often means no paycheck, which can cause a worker significant hardship. Workers' compensation in Illinois provides benefits to qualifying workers in such situations, so they need not worry about how to afford their daily living expenses while they cannot work.

When will my workers' compensation benefits cease?

When a worker in Illinois is injured on the job that worker may be unable to work for some time while recuperating from the injury. These workers may be able to pursue temporary disability benefits. These benefits could provide the workers with partial compensation for the wages lost due to being unable to work. States generally set what the maximum and minimum amount of temporary workers' compensation benefits available will be.

Can you collect both workers' comp and SSD benefits in Illinois?

Sometimes a worker in Peoria will suffer a major injury in the course of work duties and will need to take time off work to recover. Leave the workforce involuntarily can have a significant financial impact on a person. For this reason, Illinois offers workers' compensation benefits and the federal government offers Social Security Disability benefits to qualified applicants. It is important to determine which type of benefits suits your situation, as, in general, a person who receives workers' comp will see a reduction in the amount of SSD benefits they are qualified for.

Can you seek workers' comp if you are partially at-fault?

Sometimes a person in Illinois is injured at work because they received inadequate training or because equipment they were working with was not properly maintained. Other times, workers are injured in workplaces that are inherently dangerous. Sometimes a worker is injured on the job due to their own actions. These workers may wonder if they can pursue workers' compensation benefits, even if they were partially at-fault for their injuries.

Illinois firefighters who contract cancer may receive benefits

Firefighters put their lives at risk day-in and day-out. Their bravery saves lives, but it can also cost them their health. For this reason, certain benefits are accorded to firefighters here who suffer cancer due to their work.

What types of workers' comp benefits are available in Illinois?

No one in Illinois expects to be injured on-the-job, but such injuries happen to workers across the state every day. Of course, injured workers may be primarily concerned with regaining their health, but there are often many expenses they incur due to the injury they suffered. When this happens, they may want to seek workers' compensation benefits. There are several types of benefits that a worker might pursue through the workers' compensation system.

Have retail sector injuries surpassed other industries?

With stores gearing up for a big customer turnout for holiday and post holiday shopping, it is an unfortunate truth that retailers prioritize inventory over worker safety. As a result, the very workers who keep stores hazard free for guests are routinely working in unsafe environments. This is probably why the illness and injury rate for retail workers was higher than the construction site industry in 2016.

Workplace injuries in Illinois are on the downswing

Workers across the United States deserve to be safe while on-the-job. However, it is the unfortunate case that workplace injuries and illnesses will occur in just about any job industry. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2017 there were around 2.8 million incidents in the private sector where someone was injured or made ill on-the-job. This is almost 45,800 fewer incidents than what took place in 2016.

Explosion injures one Illinois railroad worker, kills another

Many people ride trains and subways in Illinois every day, but they may not give much thought to those who maintain these transportation systems. Railroad workers perform important duties behind the scenes to ensure that these tracks are in good operating condition. However, railroad work can also be dangerous, as one recent incident shows.

Hurt workers often need workers' compensation benefits

There is nothing scarier for a Peoria resident than losing the ability to provide for their family. A person may have a spouse, kids, and even others who count on them to bring home a paycheck and keep food on the table. When they suffer workplace injuries and have to take time off work to heal, they may find themselves in exactly the position that they were afraid of.

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