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What are the top 10 causes of workplace injuries?

Each year the Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index releases data on the leading 10 causes of serious workplace injuries suffered in our nation. The injuries must have caused the injured worker to miss at least five days of work. These injuries can be found in a wide variety of industries in Illinois and nationwide.

Workers' compensation injuries can be disfiguring

The types of injuries a person can suffer in the workplace can span from repetitive trauma injuries to back injuries, knee injuries, shoulder injuries and more. However, some of the most severe injuries a person in Illinois can suffer from are injuries that cause disfigurement. It is important for workers to know when a person can seek workers' compensation for disfiguring injuries suffered in the workplace.

Can you suffer a workers' compensation injury at home?

Most people in Illinois understand that if you get hurt at work, you may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits. For example, a person might have a workers' compensation injury if they throw out their back trying to lift something heavy at work or if they experience repetitive stress trauma from performing repetitious tasks at work all day long. However, what if a person is injured outside the workplace? Can such an injury allow them to pursue workers' compensation benefits?

Women are at risk for assault-based workplace injuries

We would like to think that our workplaces are safe, but sometimes workers in Peoria are injured on the job due to the actions of another. Assault is, unfortunately, a significant cause of workplace injuries, and one that Illinois employees and employers should take seriously.

Peoria residents do not have to suffer on-the-job injuries alone

Some occupations in Illinois are inherently dangerous. For example, those who work in manufacturing often work with heavy machinery or machinery with rapidly moving parts that they could be caught in or struck by. Or, for example, firefighters put their health and safety at risk every day to save the lives of others.

Illinois workers can suffer a variety of injuries on-the-job

Most residents recognize that some jobs involve a lot of physical activity or involving working around heavy machinery. Workers in these occupations may enjoy their jobs, but unfortunately these jobs can pose hazards to workers. Certain injuries are common in the workplace.

Virtual reality simulator aims to prevent workplace injuries

Factories are an important part of commerce in Illinois and nationwide. However, working in the manufacturing industry can be dangerous. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in the manufacturing industry 40 percent of injuries sustained on the job took place within the first year the worker was employed at that job and 60 percent of injuries sustained on the job took place within the first three months the worker was employed at that job.

Many dangerous jobs cause injuries and deaths

While fishing workers took the top spot for most dangerous occupations in the U.S. according to a 24/7 Wall St. review of the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, people in Illinois may be surprised to hear of other occupations that ranked high in fatalities across the U.S. Many of these fatalities were related to working at dangerous heights, working with dangerous machinery or having to operate a motor vehicle for a substantial amount of time.

Restaurants in Illinois can be dangerous places to work

Many people in Peoria have worked in the food service industry at one point in their lives. Whether they were flipping burgers at a fast food joint as a teenager or whether they currently have a career as a chef or server in a restaurant, it is important to recognize that restaurants can be dangerous places to work. If employers in the food service industry do not take appropriate measures to keep their workers safe, it could lead to workplace injuries.

Employers should have plans in place to keep workers safe

Injuries at work can happen for many different reasons. While in some cases employees may make poor choices that cause them to be injured, it is common for workers' injuries to result from the failure of their employers to provide safe working conditions. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration suggests that employers have plans in place that cover worker safety.

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