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Why might an Illinois workers' compensation claim be denied?

When a person in Peoria is injured on the job, it can be a significant blow physically, mentally and financially. On-the-job injuries can be very serious, leading to extensive medical treatments, emotional trauma and the inability to work to earn an income. For these reasons, Illinois has a workers' compensation system that is meant to provide a financial safety net for those who find themselves injured on the job and unable to work.

Help when a workers' compensation claim has been denied

Nothing in life is guaranteed, including the approval of a workers' compensation claim. Requests for workers' compensation benefits are subject to strict review and may be denied if they are deemed deficient or lack sufficient information on which to base approvals. While it is a good idea to submit a workers' compensation request with the most relevant information possible, those who receive a denial of the request should know that their fight for benefits may not be over.

Reasons for workers' compensation denial

Recently, this blog posted an article concerning the role that alleged horseplay may have in the denial of a claim for workers' compensation benefits. If an Illinois worker is claimed to have suffered a workplace injury because they were acting silly or goofing around, then it is possible that their request for benefits may be denied as their harm was not the result of wrongdoing by their employer. Horseplay is not the only cause of denied workers' compensation claims and this post will mention a few others.

When horseplay is the alleged cause of a workplace injury

Even for the most dedicated worker, it is challenging to stay completely focused and on-task 100 percent of the time when at work. Illinois workers bond with their supervisors and co-workers when they get to know them on a more personal level. However, when workers allow their on-the-job interactions to digress and injuries occur, they may have challenges seeking workers' compensation.

A denial may not be the end of your workers' comp claim

Getting hurt on the job is frustrating. A Peoria worker may feel as though steps were missed in keeping them safe as they performed the duties of their employment or that the cause of their harm could have been prevented. Regardless of how they ended up with a work-related injury, that individual may miss time on the job and the pay that accompanies putting in the time at their place of employment.

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