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Restaurants in Illinois can be dangerous places to work

Many people in Peoria have worked in the food service industry at one point in their lives. Whether they were flipping burgers at a fast food joint as a teenager or whether they currently have a career as a chef or server in a restaurant, it is important to recognize that restaurants can be dangerous places to work. If employers in the food service industry do not take appropriate measures to keep their workers safe, it could lead to workplace injuries.

Employers should have plans in place to keep workers safe

Injuries at work can happen for many different reasons. While in some cases employees may make poor choices that cause them to be injured, it is common for workers' injuries to result from the failure of their employers to provide safe working conditions. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration suggests that employers have plans in place that cover worker safety.

What types of injuries affect law enforcement officials?

Police officers and other law enforcement officials are important to the stability and security of Illinois communities. These dedicated individuals choose to put themselves in harm's way so that their fellow citizens may enjoy safer places to live and work. However, performing the duties of a law enforcement official is not without risk. Individuals who engage in this form of work suffer from many types of injuries due to the demands of their jobs.

The inhalation of substances can be damaging to workers

Taking a deep breath to clear one's head or to reset one's attitude can be an important part of getting through the workday. However, for Illinois residents who work in manufacturing and other industries where air quality may be affected by particulates, gases or chemicals, breathing in and out while on the job may actually be dangerous. Too many workers are hurt by inhalation injuries when they breathe in substances that are harmful to their bodies.

What kinds of injuries may qualify someone for workers' comp?

A common example of a workplace injury involves a worker taking a fall while trying to do their job. However, in Illinois and across the rest of the country, workers in various industries suffer extensive and differentiated harm from accidents in their places of employment. This post will discuss some of the varied types of worker harm that may be covered by workers' compensation, but, as with all legal matters, readers should speak with their own attorneys to better understand their cases.

Do office workers suffer workplace injuries?

It may seem as though certain industries are more hazardous to workers than others, and that individuals who work in offices may be less likely to get hurt while doing their jobs than people who work in agriculture, manufacturing, or construction. However, Illinois residents may be surprised to know that office workers can and do suffer many workplace injuries each year.

What are musculoskeletal disorders?

Ergonomics is an important work topic as it relates to ensuring that a person has what they need to do their job safely. This can mean, for example, equipping a factory worker with something supportive to stand on to prevent back or leg stress or getting an office worker the right desk chair to make sure their seat is appropriate for their body. The failure of an employer to help a worker fit into the requirements of their job can lead to serious on-the-job injuries, including musculoskeletal disorders.

Restaurant workers can face serious on-the-job injuries

According to literature promulgated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, restaurant workers can face a number of serious and job-threatening injuries while performing their duties of employment. Illinois residents who work in the restaurant industry may be interested to know that their work-related harm may make them eligible to seek workers' compensation. The remainder of this post will discuss the types of injuries restaurant workers commonly suffer and how those injuries may keep them from working.

Hospitals: Good for patients, dangerous for workers

When an Illinois resident suffers an injury or an illness and has to be admitted to the hospital they generally are treated with excellent medical care and are able to recover from their ailment. However, while most patients emerge from their hospitalizations in better condition than they were in when they went in, hospital workers suffer an alarming number of injuries while performing their duties. Many of the ailments they suffer may be compensable through workers' compensation claims.

Seeking workers' compensation after a construction site injury

Construction zones are inherently dangerous places. They often contain heavy building materials, powerful pieces of equipment and machines designed to help erect tall and strong structures. Illinois residents are generally prohibited from entering construction sites due to the many possible perils they could encounter but men and women who work in construction for their jobs must be prepared to face those threats with careful training and preparations.

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