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Learn More About Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you have been injured on the job, it is important to know that Illinois workers’ comp (workman’s comp) law instructs employers to pay for reasonable and necessary related medical care that is intended to cure or relieve the effects of your injury. At the Peoria, Illinois, law office of John Lesaganich, we know that problems frequently arise when employers dispute what is “reasonable and necessary.” These disputes can leave people injured and effectively unable to seek the help they need and deserve. John Lesaganich can take immediate action to advocate for your workers’ comp rights.

Get Authorization For The Special Care You Need

Seeing skilled specialists like an orthopedic specialist or neurosurgeon can be a huge step toward lessening the impact of or healing your work-related pain. If you have been to your primary care provider and they have recommended the care of a specialist, you may need authorization to be treated by those doctors. Unfortunately, people often run into problems getting that authorization from the insurance companies.

As an experienced attorney who concentrates in workers’ compensation cases, John Lesaganich has the legal knowledge and skill to get that authorization for you. At our Peoria, Illinois, office, we can persuade insurance companies to authorize sophisticated diagnostic studies and treatment by specialists. If the insurance companies won’t listen, we can prosecute a hearing to have an arbitrator order your insurance company to authorize treatment. Over the years, we have experienced tremendous success getting injured people the medical attention they need and deserve.

The Two-Doctor Rule In Illinois

In Illinois, you are limited to treatment with two doctors of your own choosing after your initial emergency room visit or first aid care. People who seek additional medical care often find themselves responsible for those doctor visits themselves, instead of having the bill paid under workers’ compensation. We can help advise you on what actions to take under Illinois workers’ compensation law.

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