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4 Major Work Hazards for Steel Workers

John Lesaganich May 10, 2019

Steel workers walk into work every day and face multiple types of safety threats to complete their day’s mission. Workers often clock long hours while physically and mentally exhausting themselves. The demands of the job are not meant for everyone, and it takes strength of mind and body to keep up with the duties faced each day.

Steel workers and their families should know how workers’ compensation will help them should an accident occur. There are many types of ways workers may get hurt on-the-job, and without proper health coverage and compensation, the workers and their families will suffer financial loss and a longer recovery.

Here are four major work hazards steel workers face each day:

  • Trips, slips, and falls – the environment of a steel mill or construction site is complex. There’s often stairs to climb, moveable items that may obstruct walkways and entry/exit points, and “watch-your-step” areas throughout.

  • Loud noise – Workers risk serious hearing loss after working many years in steel and construction environments. Loud noise is a part of the job, that many workers must get used to daily. Proper ear protection is not always used or provided for workers, which may lead to physical and psychological problems.

  • Lifting heavy objects – Heavy lifting is a part of the job, and one that may require a person to strain themselves for too long under the pressure of exasperating weight. Back spasms and sprains are common when lifting heavy objects on a regular basis.

  • Chemicals and poisonous toxins – Working around harmful chemicals and poisonous toxins are extremely dangerous long-term. They could lead to various types of cancers and damage to the endocrine system.

If you or a loved one is a steel worker, consider these hazards carefully. Take full-precaution to avoid risk of injury on the job. Prioritize your personal safety and require your employer to comply with the safety standards put forth by OSHA. If you have any type injury due to your work environment, contact a lawyer to keep your employer and insurance company honest with the compensation and accommodations you deserve as a result.