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Did You Suffer a Neck, Back, or Knee Injury?

Work-related accidents can cause any number of injuries, including neck injuries, back injuries, and knee injuries. When a work injury causes an employee pain and suffering, they deserve compensation to cover medical and other expenses.

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At John Lesaganich, P.C., Attorney at Law, we work hard to understand the nature of the neck, back, and knee injuries our clients have sustained. We work with medical experts to determine the causes and effects of these injuries and aim to recover compensation that allows clients to recover from their work injuries – both physically and financially.

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Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are not always easy to diagnose or treat. Many work-related neck injuries result from the effects of overhead work, which involves any physical work done at the shoulder level or above. This may include:

  • Working with heavy tools

  • Tightening and loosening of nuts and bolts

  • Mechanical adjustments with heavy tools

Back Injuries

Back and spinal cord injuries are compensated on the basis of a percentage loss of use to the person as a whole. Therefore, the more serious the injuries, the greater the amount of compensation that may be available.

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Knee Injuries

A knee injury case must address the issue of whether the injury is indeed traumatic in origin, or rather the result of the normal aging process. Attorney John Lesaganich works with orthopedic surgeons specializing in the human knee to determine if a knee injury is acute (caused by impact or traumatic injury) or degenerative (caused over time.)

How We Can Help

The success of a neck, back, or knee injury case is largely based on the amount of investigation and background medical work that is done. Attorney John Lesaganich works with medical experts to closely examine clients’ current and past medical records. Additional medical tests may be administered to increase the medical support for clients’ cases. Whether that includes an MRI, myelogram, or another clinical test, we will do whatever we can to seek maximum compensation for our clients.

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