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A Denial May Not Be the End of Your Workers’ Comp Claim

John Lesaganich June 28, 2018

Getting hurt on the job is frustrating. A Peoria worker may feel as though steps were missed in keeping them safe as they performed the duties of their employment or that the cause of their harm could have been prevented. Regardless of how they ended up with a work-related injury, that individual may miss time on the job and the pay that accompanies putting in the time at their place of employment.

Workers’ compensation claims provide individuals with financial benefits when they suffer these types of common problems. Workers’ comp streamlines the process for individuals so that they do not have to engage in litigation with their employers to get the money they need to recover. In exchange for receiving workers’ compensation, workers generally must give up their rights to sue their employees over their on-the-job harm.

Even though claims of workplace accidents may seem straightforward, from time to time individuals who deserve workers’ compensation benefits receive notices that their claims have been denied. Receiving a notice of denial can be heartbreaking for someone who must continue to support themselves and their family in the wake of their job-related injury.

John Lesaganich is a Peoria-based attorney who understands how important workers’ compensation benefits are to men and women throughout the state of Illinois. He knows that staying with his clients through the entire workers’ comp process is necessary so that he can continue to support them as they challenge the potential denials of their requests. No worker should have to face a workers’ compensation denial on their own and those who want to know more about John Lesaganich and his firm may visit them online.