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Can My Employer Fire Me for Getting Hurt or Hiring a Lawyer?

John Lesaganich Nov. 15, 2022

Add to the pain of a work-related injury the fear an employee may feel over the status of their job. They wonder if the accident or a workers’ compensation filing will jeopardize their employment. At John Lesaganich, P.C., Attorney at Law we protect the rights of our hard working clients who suffer injuries on the job under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

Your rights under the Workers’ Compensation Laws of the State of Illinois begin with the right to pursue legitimate workers’ compensation benefits with the assistance of counsel which is the injured workers’ constitutional right. Remember that since the time your claims file was first put on the desk of the adjuster of your employers workers’ compensation insurance company the adjuster has had access to the legal expertise of defense oriented workers’ compensation trial lawyers.

A Peoria Retaliatory Discharge Lawyer Protecting Injured Workers’ Rights

You cannot be discharged for completing a written accident report. Nor can you be fired over filing a workers’ compensation case and retaining an experienced workers’ compensation trial lawyer. But, if you are discharged for any of the aforementioned acts and can prove that your discharge indeed relates to the assertion of your rights under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act you may have a separate lawsuit adjudicated in Circuit Court before a judge and jury known as retaliatory discharge

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