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Do Office Workers Suffer Workplace Injuries?

John Lesaganich Aug. 30, 2018

It may seem as though certain industries are more hazardous to workers than others, and that individuals who work in offices may be less likely to get hurt while doing their jobs than people who work in agriculture, manufacturing, or construction. However, Illinois residents may be surprised to know that office workers can and do suffer many workplace injuries each year.

According to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, certain workplace injuries are particularly common in office environments. Office workers are more than twice as likely to suffer damaging falls as individuals whose jobs keep them out of office buildings. Office workers commonly trip on desks, cords, and carpets, fall out of chairs and slip on wet surfaces.

Additionally, office workers are prone to suffering strain injuries. These injuries can happen when office workers attempt to lift or move large objects that they are not accustomed to moving. They may not be trained to use proper lifting techniques and may put themselves at risk when they fail to support themselves when picking up heavy objects.

Finally, office workers can suffer harm when they are not fitted to the right equipment for their bodies. Since office workers can spend long periods of time at desks and working on computers, it is important that they have tall enough chairs, wrist support, and other ergonomically proper tools to keep themselves safe.

Illinois office workers can suffer workplace injuries in ways other than those discussed. What is important to remember, however, is that they may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Taking a proactive approach to pursuing one’s benefits is an important part of getting help after an office injury.