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Explosion Injures One Illinois Railroad Worker, Kills Another

John Lesaganich Nov. 15, 2018

Many people ride trains and subways in Illinois every day, but they may not give much thought to those who maintain these transportation systems. Railroad workers perform important duties behind the scenes to ensure that these tracks are in good operating condition. However, railroad work can also be dangerous, as one recent incident shows.

One railroad worker lost his life, and another was seriously injured after an explosion occurred in the area of the Grayland Station in Chicago. The men were working on a track project and were welding at the time of the incident. According to officials, for reasons unknown, the acetylene tank on a truck blew up, killing one worker who was standing near the vehicle and injuring another. The deceased worker had been employed as a track inspector for 17 years.

Any person who suffers a serious workplace injury, or the families of those who die on the job, will need time to heal, as well as the money to cover medical expenses, rehabilitation and the day-to-day living costs associated with being unable to work. The state of Illinois recognizes that workers injured on the job may need financial assistance until they have recovered enough to go back to work. Therefore, the state offers workers’ compensation benefits to qualifying employees.

Workers’ compensation benefits can be the financial lifeline a worker or their family needs during a difficult time. However, workers must apply and qualify for them before they can be awarded benefits. It is not unheard of for a worker’s initial claim to be denied. Therefore, workers who are injured on the job will want to ensure their application for benefits is as complete as possible before submitting it. An attorney can provide advice on how to do so and how to appeal a denial, if necessary.