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Getting Back to Work After a Workplace Injury

John Lesaganich Sept. 14, 2018

As has previously been discussed on this blog, a workplace injury can be a devastating event. Without the ability to work, a person and their family may suffer the financial ramifications of a period away from work and the stresses that accompany it. However, when the accident occurs while on the job, that worker may be able to receive workers’ compensation through their employer.

There are many different expenses that workers’ compensation can cover and, depending upon the extent of the injury, they may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation for an extended period of time. Most workers, however, would prefer to get back to their jobs and earn the income their families need to pay bills.

When a worker goes back to their job after receiving workers’ compensation, several different things may happen, depending on the circumstances. If the worker can re-enter their full employment and make as much or more money than they were receiving before their injury, then it is likely their benefits will stop upon re-entering the workforce. If, however, their injuries prevent them from returning to the same duties, and thus earning what they earned before their accident, then it is possible that some of their benefits will continue.

A worker getting ready to return to work after suffering harm in a workplace accident should understand what will happen when they return to their normal wages. To avoid financial misunderstanding and to protect one’s rights, injured workers should consider speaking with lawyers who advocate for workplace injury victims.