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Help when A Workers’ Compensation Claim Has Been Denied

John Lesaganich Oct. 4, 2018

Nothing in life is guaranteed, including the approval of a workers’ compensation claim. Requests for workers’ compensation benefits are subject to strict review and may be denied if they are deemed deficient or lack sufficient information on which to base approvals. While it is a good idea to submit a workers’ compensation request with the most relevant information possible, those who receive a denial of the request should know that their fight for benefits may not be over.

Appealing a workers’ compensation denial can be done with the help of a legal professional. John Lesaganich, Attorney at Law, provides clear legal counsel to men and women who are out of work because of serious workplace accidents and injuries. He understands that denied claims are detrimental to his clients’ well-being and is prepared to advocate for them as they seek new reviews for the claims.

Claim denials can happen for many reasons. Workers’ compensation claims may be denied if reviewers determine that workers’ injuries did not happen on the job or occurred due to horseplay or wrongdoing on the part of workers. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help their clients offer strong evidence of employer negligence in the review of their claims.

Workers who have had their workers’ compensation claims denied should not wait to begin the review process. The sooner they begin the appeal of their claims, the sooner they may be approved for benefits. Attorney John Lesaganich is available to assist new clients as they fight for the workers’ compensation support they need.