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How Can a Workers’ Comp Claim Be Denied in Illinois?

John Lesaganich May 23, 2019

If a person in Illinois is injured on the job and cannot work for an extended period, they may assume they are automatically entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, life is not always that easy and sometimes a person’s initial application for workers’ compensation benefits in Illinois may be denied. The following are some common reasons for a denied workers’ compensation claim.

First, there are laws that determine the timeframe in which a worker must report their injury to their employer and file their claim for benefits. Also, an employer may dispute the claim for benefits. For example, the employer may try to argue that the injury was not suffered on the job, was due to horseplay or for some other reason should be denied. In addition, certain injuries may not be compensable even if they arose out of a person’s work duties.

Finally, a person’s initial application for benefits may be incomplete. For example, they may not provide enough evidence that they suffered the injury while performing their job duties. The medical documentation provided in an initial claim may also be insufficient or incomplete, leading to a denial of benefits.

This is only a brief overview of why a person’s initial claim for workers’ compensation benefits may be denied; there may be other reasons as well. An initial denial of benefits need not be the end of the story. Under certain circumstances it may be possible to appeal a denial. Illinois law states what is necessary to challenge a denial of benefits. It is important that those interested in doing so understand what requirements they must meet so that they can proceed appropriately.