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How to Prove an Injury You Suffered Happened While at Work

John Lesaganich Dec. 27, 2018

When you suffer an injury at work, one of the main requirements you will need to explain on your claim is that the injury or ailment had occurred while on the job. Typically, this is not an issue, but you will want strong evidence of your injury claim if it is challenged or if your employer decides to dispute your claim to avoid financial responsibility.

To protect yourself and to make sure your claim has the best evidence possible if it is challenged or denied, you should keep detailed information and records of your injury and treatment. Here is what you will want to collect and keep at the ready.

Witness Testimony

If your accident occurred in the presence of another employee, make sure you get a full statement from that person that documents what they saw and observed. Do not wait to get this information, the employee may forget crucial details or leave the job if too much time goes by.

Video Footage

If you know the area you were working in has video surveillance, you should request to see the footage and get a copy of the video with a date stamp.

Diagnosis from A Doctor

Your doctor will most likely be very thorough in their explanation to you about your injury. Getting this information written down and signed by your doctor can be very critical to your case. In addition to diagnosing your injury, you should document treatments you are going through and medications you are taking. Information on your medication should detail the amount you are taking, what they are for and if they are causing an adverse effect on you.

Notifications to Your Employer

To be eligible for benefits, you will need to inform your employer about your accident within 15 days of your injury. The faster you can make this notification, the better chance you will not leave any ambiguity about what happened or cause any questions about how, where and why the accident occurred. Keep a written document of all the communications you have with your employer.

The injury or ailment you suffered that will keep you from work will be a very important part of your life and should be treated with extreme importance. You should at any time be able to answer specific questions about your case and have documents at the ready. If at any time you are experiencing resistance to your injury claim, you should contact an attorney to help strengthen your case and assist getting the compensation you deserve.