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Hurt Workers Often Need Workers’ Compensation Benefits

John Lesaganich Sept. 6, 2018

There is nothing scarier for a Peoria resident than losing the ability to provide for their family. A person may have a spouse, kids, and even others who count on them to bring home a paycheck and keep food on the table. When they suffer workplace injuries and have to take time off work to heal, they may find themselves in exactly the position that they were afraid of.

Workplace accidents and injuries are upsetting because they should be preventable with proper training and care on the part of employers. However, thousands of men and women are injured each year while on the job and it’s frightening for them to discover that their families’ livelihoods are on the line because of those injuries.

An injured worker may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, and if they are eligible, those benefits can be of great help. Workers’ compensation benefits can be used like an employee’s income, although a worker will not always receive the same amount of benefits as they were being paid.

Workers’ compensation payments can be used to pay for employees’ rents or mortgages, for food and gas for vehicles, and for many other necessities. To receive benefits, workers must report their injuries and accidents to their employers and submit information to demonstrate that their injuries were caused while they were doing their jobs. Attorney John Lesaganich welcomes new client inquiries from people pursuing workers’ compensation claims and is prepared to advocate for their interests and the fight to come back from workplace accidents.