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Information that Should Be Provided to A Worker’s Employer

John Lesaganich Oct. 25, 2018

After a worker suffers an on-the-job injury, they are generally required to report their injury to their employer. This gives the employer notice of the harm the employee suffered as well as an opportunity to be aware of any claims the employee may make regarding their need for compensation. Illinois workers who are hurt while doing their employment duties should be prepared to provide their employers with certain information about the incidents that caused their harm.

Factual information should be communicated to employers about the accidents and events that led to their workers’ injuries. Such information can include, but is not limited to, when the accident occurred, where the accident occurred, and the date on which the accident occurred. The employers may need their employees to report whether witnesses were present when the accident happened and the employer may also need to know exactly what was happening when the injury transpired.

Employers may need other information as well. Information about workers’ injuries, such as the extent of harm they suffered and any information that the employees got from their doctors about their harm and their recoveries may need to be provided to employers. In addition to these categories of information, workers may be asked to provide other data as well.

Communicating with one’s employer is a necessary part of seeking workers’ compensation after a workplace accident. To get help with the workers’ compensation claims process, a worker should seek the help of an attorney who works in this field. Attorneys can serve as effective partners for workers who are struggling to file claims on their own.