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Reasons for Workers’ Compensation Denial

John Lesaganich Aug. 23, 2018

Recently, this blog posted an article concerning the role that alleged horseplay may have in the denial of a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. If an Illinois worker is claimed to have suffered a workplace injury because they were acting silly or goofing around, then it is possible that their request for benefits may be denied as their harm was not the result of wrongdoing by their employer. Horseplay is not the only cause of denied workers’ compensation claims and this post will mention a few others.

Technical deficiencies in the filing of a workers’ compensation claim can lead to its eventual denial. For example, if a worker does not report their injury to their employer, then their claim may not move forward. Also, if a worker does not file their claim soon enough after it occurs, then their window for seeking benefits may close.

Injuries or illnesses are generally required for workers to get benefits from the workers’ compensation system. If a worker is involved in an accident but does not experience any adverse health effects, then there may be no compensation needed to make them whole. Finally, a worker may find that their claim has been denied if their employer can show that the injury they suffered was not actually attributable to a work-related cause.

When a worker’s claim for benefits is denied, they may not be able to work through the process of understanding and appealing the decision on their own. They can choose to seek the assistance of workers’ compensation attorneys to help them seek the benefits they both need and deserve.