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Seeking Workers’ Compensation After a Construction Site Injury

John Lesaganich July 6, 2018

Construction zones are inherently dangerous places. They often contain heavy building materials, powerful pieces of equipment and machines designed to help erect tall and strong structures. Illinois residents are generally prohibited from entering construction sites due to the many possible perils they could encounter but men and women who work in construction for their jobs must be prepared to face those threats with careful training and preparations.

Despite the many precautions that should be in place at every construction site across the state, construction workers still suffer serious injuries due to the work they perform. Common construction site accidents may include but are not limited to falls from scaffolding, crushing accidents from heavy machinery and electrocution from unsecured construction projects.

When a construction worker suffers an on-the-job accident they should be aware of their workers’ compensation rights. After reporting their incident to their employer and seeking medical attention for their injuries they may begin the important process of securing workers’ compensation benefits to help them and their families get by while they are unable to work.

Construction workers may receive workers’ compensation for a number of expenses. They may receive it to take the place of their pay while they are unable to work but they may also receive it to pay the medical bills associated with their accident-related care. If their injury is of the nature that they will not be able to return to their regular employment, workers’ compensation may help them receive occupational training to enter a new field. Workers’ compensation may be a critical piece of getting an injured construction worker back to work and as such those who suffer construction injuries should examine their options for seeking such benefits.