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Steps to Take After a Work-Related Injury

John Lesaganich June 22, 2018

When Illinois workers suffer injuries while on the job the harm they experience can be devastating. As they recuperate from their injuries they may find themselves unable to work and they may discover that the bills they have incurred from seeking treatment for their ailments are more than they can financially manage. As they regain their capacity to work they may wonder what options they have regarding the recovery of their losses from their employers.

The state’s workers’ compensation process allows employees and employers to settle injury-related matters without going to court. Generally a worker who is hurt while doing their job may seek a financial award through workers’ compensation which may allow them to recover without incurring personal economic harm. However, after a workplace injury an individual should take certain steps to begin the workers’ compensation process.

First, a worker should report their injury to their employer in writing. If the worker’s injury requires immediate medical attention that assistance should be pursued; however, once a worker is able they should make a timely report of their incident to their employer so that the details are recorded in their personnel file.

Next, an injured worker must complete the mandatory paperwork to receive workers’ compensation benefits through their employer. Employers do not have to proactively seek benefits for their injured employees and as such injured individuals must begin the workers’ compensation process on their own.

Any worker who is hurt on the job can seek the counsel of legal advisors who work in the workers’ compensation field. Not every request for workers’ compensation benefits is honored so it can beneficial for injured individuals to get help with their paperwork before submitting their requests for workers’ compensation benefits to their employers.