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The Inhalation of Substances Can Be Damaging to Workers

John Lesaganich Oct. 11, 2018

Taking a deep breath to clear one’s head or to reset one’s attitude can be an important part of getting through the workday. However, for Illinois residents who work in manufacturing and other industries where air quality may be affected by particulates, gases or chemicals, breathing in and out while on the job may actually be dangerous. Too many workers are hurt by inhalation injuries when they breathe in substances that are harmful to their bodies.

Just as fire victims can suffer serious and life-threatening harm when they breathe in smoke, so too can workers suffer significantly when they breathe in caustic and inflammatory substances on the job. A worker who is exposed to damaging substances in the air that they breathe may suffer medical conditions that affect their respiration, eye sight, and pain levels. These inhalation injury complications can force workers to take time off of their jobs to recuperate from the harm that they suffered for the sake of their employers.

Exposure to inhalable substances has led to chronic cases of pneumonia and even death in some individuals. Health problems related to dangerous inhalants on the job should not be ignored by workers who rely on their incomes to support their families.

An inhalant injury and the symptoms that are connected to it should be assessed by medical professionals so that the victim can be put on a proper course of treatment to heal. When they are ready they may want to discuss their workers’ compensation options with an attorney who understands how to help their clients seek support as they recuperate from their work-related harm.