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Virtual Reality Simulator Aims to Prevent Workplace Injuries

John Lesaganich Feb. 14, 2019

Factories are an important part of commerce in Illinois and nationwide. However, working in the manufacturing industry can be dangerous. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in the manufacturing industry 40 percent of injuries sustained on the job took place within the first year the worker was employed at that job and 60 percent of injuries sustained on the job took place within the first three months the worker was employed at that job.

One man who experienced first-hand how devastating workplace injuries can be and recognizing the need for improvements in the training of new workers in the manufacturing industry has developed a virtual reality simulator for use in the manufacturing industry as well as other industries where employees face hazards in the workplace. The simulator works by creating a digital image of the workplace and it can walk new employees through the process of resolving problems they may encounter in real life on-the-job. The simulator can also help refresh the memories of experienced workers regarding tasks that are not performed very often.

Advancements in technology such as this aim to reduce workplace accidents in manufacturing and other industries. However, that does not change the fact that working in a factory can present many hazards. For example, a person could be injured if they are caught in a machine, they could be injured transporting a heavy load or they can be injured from the use of dangerous chemicals.

When such injuries occur, a person might want to pursue workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can be the financial lifeline a worker needs to pay for their daily needs and medical care while they are out of work due to their injury. However, it is important for workers pursuing such benefits to understand what is required in the application process. Professionals familiar with workers’ compensation injuries can help those seeking benefits.