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What Is the Settlement Value of My Case?

John Lesaganich Nov. 15, 2022

The events following an injury suffered on the job is no time for a hard-working professional to think he or she knows more than an experienced attorney. At John Lesaganich, P.C., Attorney at Law, our founder brings experience, legal knowledge and insight as a former insurance defense attorney. Simply put, the process of a workers’ compensation benefits claim is anything but “do-it-yourself.”

A Peoria Work Injury Benefits Attorney Fighting to Maximize Compensation

The first question we often hear at John Lesaganich, P.C., Attorney at Law is, “What is the settlement value of my case.” Our founder’s job is to fight to maximize the workers’ compensation benefitsworkers’ compensation benefitsworkers’ compensation benefitsworkers’ compensation benefits our clients receive in a settlement. Cases are complex even for a less-experienced lawyer. Final verdicts are rendered by an arbitrator, not a judge or jury.

There is no substitute for the experience and insight that John Lesaganich, the founder of our Illinois workers’ comp law firm, provides to injured workers throughout the state. Since 1978, he has worked on either side of the arbitration table, putting him in contact with nearly every state arbitrator working today. They know him. More importantly, he knows them.

Precedents in Illinois law exist that impact the average weekly wage for the injured worker and must be observed. The more they made in their tenure with their employer, the more money they will be paid while off work. Surgery is of important value as operative problems are automatically more serious. Period of time off is a factor as is a permanent defect or work restrictions.

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