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What Kinds of Injuries May Qualify Someone for Workers’ Comp?

John Lesaganich Sept. 20, 2018

A common example of a workplace injury involves a worker taking a fall while trying to do their job. However, in Illinois and across the rest of the country, workers in various industries suffer extensive and differentiated harm from accidents in their places of employment. This post will discuss some of the varied types of worker harm that may be covered by workers’ compensation, but, as with all legal matters, readers should speak with their own attorneys to better understand their cases.

Workers’ compensation may be available to individuals who had preexisting conditions that were aggravated by work. Worker’s Compensation injuries can be difficult to prove and a worker may have to build a strong case to show that their suffering resulted from their work and not from another source.

Also, workers’ compensation may be available for individuals who suffer injuries and harm while on breaks from their work. Generally, these breaks must be regular breaks that are part of the workers’ days, such as breaks for lunch or mandatory breaks. Injuries suffered during work-sponsored events may also allow individuals to pursue workers’ compensation claims.

Finally, workers’ compensation claims may be available to individuals whose workplace harms manifest as an illness rather than an injury. If a worker becomes sick from exposure to chemicals while on the job, they may be able to pursue compensation for the time they have to take off work.

If a worker suffers harm while on the job, they must report the incident to their supervisor, so there is a record of the event. From there, the worker may wish to speak with a workers’ compensation attorney to prepare their claim.