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What Types of Injuries Affect Law Enforcement Officials?

John Lesaganich Oct. 18, 2018

Police officers and other law enforcement officials are important to the stability and security of Illinois communities. These dedicated individuals choose to put themselves in harm’s way so that their fellow citizens may enjoy safer places to live and work. However, performing the duties of a law enforcement official is not without risk. Individuals who engage in this form of work suffer from many types of injuries due to the demands of their jobs.

While readers of this blog may immediately think of violent injuries as the types of harm sustained by law enforcement officials, individuals in this profession suffer injuries similar to and more frequently than people in professions like manufacturing and retail. Law enforcement officials suffer high rates of strain and sprain injuries, as well as injuries to their musculoskeletal systems.

Law enforcement officials spend a lot of time moving people and objects from place to place, and, in the course of performing such actions, they can suffer harm from unruly arrestees, heavy pieces of evidence, and other dangerous actions. Individuals in this profession that spend a lot of time driving can suffer from repetitive stress injuries and other pain in their extremities.

Law enforcement officials suffer serious trauma when they are put on the front lines of conflicts with dangerous criminals. However, many of the tasks they undertake in their regular course of work can also expose them to more common forms of workers’ compensation injuries. An injured police officer may wish to discuss their options for benefits with a workers’ compensation attorney in their community.