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What Types of Workers’ Comp Benefits Are Available in Illinois?

John Lesaganich Jan. 3, 2019

No one in Illinois expects to be injured on-the-job, but such injuries happen to workers across the state every day. Of course, injured workers may be primarily concerned with regaining their health, but there are often many expenses they incur due to the injury they suffered. When this happens, they may want to seek workers’ compensation benefits. There are several types of benefits that a worker might pursue through the workers’ compensation system.

One benefit is compensation for medical care associated with the injury. If the employee cannot work due to the injury and needs time to recover, he or she might seek temporary total disability benefits. And, if the employee can return to the workplace on light duty but will not be paid as much as they were before the injury, that employee may be able to seek temporary partial disability benefits.

If an employee is injured on-the-job and suffers a permanent disability or disfigurement, but otherwise can return to the workplace, he or she may be eligible for permanent partial disability benefits. However, if an employee is injured and is permanently unable to return to the workplace, he or she may be eligible for permanent total disability benefits. Finally, if an employee is killed in a workplace accident, his or her surviving family members may be able to pursue death benefits.

Of course, determining how to pursue these benefits can be complex, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the workers’ compensation process. An incomplete or insufficient application can lead to a denial of benefits, necessitating an appeal. Fortunately, workers in Illinois wishing to pursue workers’ compensation benefits can seek the advice of a legal professional, to better understand what benefits they may be eligible for and how to pursue them.