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When Will My Workers’ Compensation Benefits Cease?

John Lesaganich April 25, 2019

When a worker in Illinois is injured on the job that worker may be unable to work for some time while recuperating from the injury. These workers may be able to pursue temporary disability benefits. These benefits could provide the workers with partial compensation for the wages lost due to being unable to work. States generally set what the maximum and minimum amount of temporary workers’ compensation benefits available will be.

If a worker has suffered a permanent disability that keeps the worker from being able to compete in the open labor market to some capacity, that worker may be awarded permanent disability benefits. How much a worker is entitled to in permanent disability benefits is dependent on how limited the worker’s activities are due to the injury, as well as the worker’s age, wages and occupation.

If a worker recovers enough to re-enter the workplace and the worker earns the same or more income than what the worker earned before becoming injured, any workers’ compensation benefits will cease. However, if workers are unable to earn what they had before becoming injured it is possible that the workers will still be entitled to a certain amount of wage loss benefits.

Being injured on the job can be frustrating, especially when the injury prevents you from working. Moreover, being unable to work can lead to financial stress. The workers’ compensation system is a financial lifeline for those who are missing out on wages due to a work injury. It is important that workers understand what benefits they are entitled to and when these benefits will cease so they can protect their interests.